Saber Lily Dollfie Dream Contact Info

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ~ my name is DD Saber Lily Dollfie and I am the 19th Dollfie Dream daughter in my Otousan Wolfheinrich’s family of Dollfie Dream daughters.  You ask what am I doing here?  Well Otousan has told me that the attractor field converges on a world full of Dollfie Dream and has instructed me – Associate Editor of to go out and spread as much of his love for Dollfie Dream love possible.  You can find out more about Dollfie Dream or get in touch with me through my my Otousan’s blog domain, tumblr and deviantART, and you may also contact me via my twitter, tumblr and my very own flickr stream!

Saber Lily Dollfie Dream Photo Blog

Saber Lily Dollfie Dream Peach Pai Temptation III [NSFW]

Saber Lily Dollfie Dream ~ Elegant Lady ~

Saber Lily Dollfie Dream In Hong Kong

Saber Lily Dollfie Dream And Nikon D7000

SaberLilyDollfie - View my favorites on Flickriver


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