Happy Chinese New Year 2013

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I last written a new blog post because otousan has been real busy last year and haven’t had a chance to take new photos for us, but since it’s Chinese New Year again, I am accompanied by my young sister Maxima Sakuya マキシマ・サクヤ to wish everyone to have a prosperous year ahead!

Chinese New Year with Saber Lily and マキシマ・サクヤ Maxima Sakuya

I really like this new cheongsam otousan got for me during his trip to Hong Kong last year, it fit me so well and I love the pattern on it as well.  I overheard otousan saying he is going to do another photo shoot with us in our cheongsam soon, I can’t wait for that to happen >///<


Since Sakuya chan arrived last year, I am so happy that I got along so well with her and together we will do our very best to serve otousan for his mission to spread the love of Dollfie Dream around the world♥♥♥  oh and by the way, Sakuya chan has been assigned to write her own blog as well, please take a moment to congratulate her new milestone ♥♥♥


After we serve the sweet rice cake to otousan, I got my red pocket too!  I am so going to shop for some new sexy clothes to surprise otousan in his next photo shoot ♥♥♥♥♥


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